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The Road Less Traveled

A rebranding of the Chicago-based travel company designed to help young adults to find new experiences out in the world. 

The idea for the logo came about through a few iteration and constraints from the company. The logo needed to be simple as it would be on everything, it would need to be clear as it could be small or large at times, and finally, it needed to have an adventure feel to it. Starting at the top of the logo I have changes the simple point of the diamond to look like mountains with a sunset behind it, this would create that adventure feeling while the whole of the logo looks like a badge. The name "Road Less Traveled" is written at the top so it can easily be read. The bottom half of the logo is filed with the initials "RLT" this makes the logo very visible from a fare and can be easily seen when small even if you can't see the name logo.

Colors Used 

To keep with the adventurous feeling of the logo, I had wanted to go with some classic outdoors colors, muted blues, reds, tans, and so forth, however, after much research, I found that when a logo uses these colors they tend to look alike and we wanted something that would stand out while feeling familiar. To accomplish that we went with a darker tan as the background with black for the lettering and outline. this looked good but felt plain so I had added the darker orange sun in the mountains. This felt perfect as it wasn't too much but really helps the eyes start at the top of the logo and work your way down the logo. The large is also beneficial as it can be used as a very nice secondary color.   


Alternet Logos 

Here we can see a few of the alternate logos. The Logo to the left is a simple black and white logo, this would most likely be used for documents and other paper objects. Below we have the word logo in color and black and white. The color part about the word logo is that it was simply lifted from the primary logo making them an exact match. 

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